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Hymenoptera stings – wasps, bees, bumblebees and hornets – are especially dangerous for people with insect allergies (a reaction to insect stings). For them, contact with insects can even be fatal. How to prevent such a situation? aif.ru told about this Head of the Department of Allergic and Autoimmune Diseases of the Rostov State Medical University, Associate Professor of the Department of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Laboratory Diagnostics of the Kuban State Medical University, allergist-immunologist of the highest category, Candidate of Medical Sciences Ella Churyukina:

– The first step is to stop the symptoms of an allergic reaction. To do this, apply a tourniquet 15 centimeters above the bite for about 20 minutes. Instead of a tourniquet, you can use any means at hand – a piece of fabric, a trouser belt, etc.

Remove the stinger with a sliding motion of a knife or fingernail. The movement itself should be superficial – the sting must be scraped off, as it were. In no case do not try to remove the sting with your fingers – this way you can inadvertently squeeze the sac of poison and inject its remnants into the wound.

Apply ice to the sting site.

Acute symptoms require immediate medical attention. In order to avoid hypoxia under medical supervision, adrenaline injections (0-1% solution of 0.3 ml intramuscularly) should be given. Suprastin intramuscularly, 2 ml, hydrocortisone. Then the victim should be transported to any medical facility.

If the severity of the bite increases, it is necessary to re-administer the drug to stop anaphylactic reactions. At the same time, it is not necessary to administer antihistamines at the first moment, since they can aggravate arterial hypotension. If the pressure is stable, you can later use first-generation injectable antihistamines – suprastin, tavegil, etc. It is necessary to carry out such manipulations only after agreement with the doctor.

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