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Shortness of breath as a symptom of various diseases is common. And some of them are quite unexpected for a person. What pathologies have such a distinctive feature, the doctors told in the program “Live healthy!”.

Heart failure

In this case, shortness of breath can torment a person all the time, it is especially aggravated when climbing stairs. It also occurs at night, and it is so strong that it is not even possible to sleep in the usual horizontal position – you have to put pillows in order to sleep while sitting. The legs may also swell.

“This shortness of breath is called cardiac dyspnea, a sign of heart failure. When shortness of breath gets worse when lying down, it’s called cardiac asthma, or congestion in the lungs.” cardiologist German Gandelman.

The heart, as a pump, does not work well, weakens, throws out a small amount of blood, it begins to linger in the lungs, and shortness of breath occurs in a horizontal position. In fact, the lungs here are clogged with fluid.

“You need to see a doctor who will conduct an echocardiogram. To remove the symptoms, they will give diuretics, which will remove excess fluid from the body, and it will become easier. After that, a certain group of drugs will be prescribed, which will improve the course and make sure that the symptoms do not return, ”advised Gandelman.

Iron deficiency anemia

Usually manifested in young people, shortness of breath develops in parallel with a feeling of constant fatigue, and pale skin and falling hair also give out a problem.

“The concentration of hemoglobin decreases, there is less blood in the bloodstream, naturally, less blood is delivered to the tissues during exercise, there is a feeling that there is not enough air. And there is not enough air, because there is not enough oxygen in the red blood cells, ”Gandelman explained.

When there is little oxygen, the body begins to breathe deeper and more often in order to capture more oxygen, she added. Elena Malysheva.

Here it is necessary to pass a clinical blood test, so that everything is immediately clear. In young girls, this situation may be associated with heavy menstruation. And in such a situation, you should contact a gynecologist to prescribe iron treatment.


In this case, a part of the organ ceases to participate in the act of breathing due to pathogens attacking the lungs. Gas exchange is disturbed, the lung can collapse, you have to breathe only at the expense of the second lung, hence shortness of breath. In parallel, in this case, there are symptoms such as high body temperature, cough with sputum.

Today, pneumonia can be treated at home with antibiotics. The main thing is to see a doctor in time.

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