Botox is banned. Will there be a shortage of botulinum toxin in the Russian Federation due to sanctions? | Beauty secrets | Health

The list, which contains goods included in the 10th EU sanctions package, mentions that “medical products” containing botulinum toxin fall under the import ban.

However, American and European companies that imported the drug to the Russian Federation announced the suspension of supplies as early as March 2022. Meanwhile, there are analogues Russian, South Korean, Chinese, which can be used in medicine, and their supplies have not been canceled. In addition, in the same cosmetology there are technologies that are alternative to the introduction of Botox.

According to experts, the production of botulinum toxins in Russia in January-April 2022 increased by almost 70%. And Rostec (the owner of domestic manufacturing companies) promised to double production.

“There are good analogues in friendly countries. In which case you can use them and not worry about the consequences, said plastic surgeon Dmitry Saratovtsev. – The same relaxants – analogues of the well-known Botox – include the South Korean Botulax, the Russian Relatox.


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