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Shaving hair with a razor has long been not only the prerogative of men. Women took the device into service and skillfully use it to eliminate excess vegetation in other areas – on the legs, in the armpits, etc. Experts call this process depilation and note that there are a number of rules that will make shaving safer. If they are not followed, there may be problems. Which ones, told dermatologist, trichologist, cosmetologist Tatyana Egorova.

If you shave even with an ordinary machine correctly, it is not dangerous. But you can easily harm yourself if you do the depilation incorrectly and do not take care of the razor.

Razor care

Be sure to soak the razor head in chlorhexidine before use – it will help to disinfect it gently and efficiently. Hold it there for 10-15 minutes.

It is not necessary to store a razor in the bathroom, as everyone does it – in a damp room, various microbes and fungi quickly accumulate on it, which then, when using a razor, can cause (and this will be the most harmless) irritation on the skin. In addition, cross-infection can occur. And it is extremely difficult and long to remove the same fungi from wounds on the skin. And the inflammatory reaction in the shaving area due to microbes is also not the most pleasant.

The razor itself should also be washed regularly in soapy water – point it and put it right there. And then dry well so that rust does not form.

How to shave?

Ideally, you should shave your hair with a machine in the direction of hair growth. If you do not follow this recommendation, you can get wounds on the skin – and even microcracks can seriously harm your health and lead to reddening of the skin and other negative manifestations.

For those people who are prone to ingrown hairs, shaving with a razor can aggravate the situation. Indeed, in the course of shaving, the machine removes the top layer of skin (it is so thin and small that it is not visible to the eye), as a result, the skin layer becomes thinner on the treated area, and when new hairs begin to grow from the follicle of the previously removed hair, they are also thinner, they enter into the soft and uncovered layers of the skin at an angle, and grow in. At this point, small subcutaneous bumps, purulent inflammations are then formed, and the skin turns red.

Who definitely shouldn’t shave with a razor?

There is a category of people who, in 100% of cases, after shaving with a machine, develop skin rashes and develop folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles). They usually tell the same story like a carbon copy: as soon as I shave, abscesses immediately pour out and hair grows in. Such people absolutely should not use a razor. Moreover, there are many other modern methods for getting rid of unwanted vegetation on the body.


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