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If lately you have become more often irritated, nervous, then you risk depleting the reserves of vitamins in the body. In turn, a deficiency of vitamins and microelements will further increase stress.

What vitamins and minerals are most important in reducing stress levels and how to replenish them? told about this Oleg Gladyshev, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Ph.D.:

– Everyone knows that vitamins improve mood, provide energy, improve cognitive functions – memory, concentration, increase efficiency.

But when there is a lot of stress, eventually neurotransmitters (substances that transmit signals from nerve cells – ed.) are depleted, the transmission of nerve impulses is disrupted. Vitamin complexes do not reach the point of application. And there is a shortage.

However, you need to understand that vitamins are not medicines. And in the case of real depression, vitamins will not help much. But they are useful in conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, emotional burnout. In this case, they are just in place – because they provide energy, normalize mood, improve cognitive functions.

What vitamins are needed to reduce susceptibility to stress, anxiety?

B vitamins – B1, B6 and others. Especially vitamin B12, which itself has an antidepressant effect.

I always tell my patients that every intelligent person who cares about his health takes a complex of B vitamins every six months – in spring and autumn. In the spring they allow you to improve the physical, emotional tone. And in the fall, they help strengthen the immune system.

It is also important to pay attention to your diet. Vitamin B12 is found only in meat. B1 is beans, B2 is dairy products, B3 is eggs, B7 is cauliflower and carrots, B9 is spinach.

Vitamin D. The relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depressed mood, lethargy, fatigue, memory loss, and performance has been well proven. Vitamin D is mainly produced by exposure to sunlight. Residents of big cities, as a rule, are always deficient in vitamin D. Due to the fact that there are many houses around, and work often takes place in the office, we see little sunlight. Therefore, all residents of megacities are advised to take additional vitamin D, regardless of the season.

Vitamin C. Takes an active part in the activation of enzymes associated with the transmission of nerve impulses. Just like vitamin B12, it has an antidepressant effect. It does not accumulate in the body, so the menu should focus on fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. and abandon the winter diet – semi-finished products, flour, etc.

Trace elements magnesium and potassium. They also have an antidepressant effect. Magnesium has a calming effect, found in green vegetables, legumes, nuts. As for potassium, studies have proven the connection between irritability, anxiety, frequent mood swings and a lack of this trace element. Potassium is found in prunes, legumes, bananas, sunflower seeds. Not without reason, when they are nervous, the seeds click.


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