An injection on the melon. Nutrition specialist spoke about the dangers of early watermelons | Healthy life | Health

How can you make a watermelon ripen ahead of time, told candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, specialist in phytochemistry, author of books on cooking and healthy eating Igor Sokolsky.

— Any theory requires critical reflection on the subject of economic feasibility. Of course, any injection can be given to a watermelon. But for this, it will be necessary to purchase drugs, syringes and hire people who will inject the fruits on the vast melon. It is clear that the use of such technology will lead to a significant increase in the cost of the product. In addition, punctures in the peel will certainly lead to spoilage of the fruit. It is much easier to apply these substances to the soil as fertilizers.

There is an easier way – this is abundant watering, which leads to the rapid growth of melons. Therefore, it makes no sense to pump up watermelons with special preparations.


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