Epidemics and Pandemics Can Have Devastating Effects on Local, Regional, and Global Economies

The current COVID-19 pandemic and past epidemics have illustrated the vast impact the spread of infectious diseases can have on global health, economies, and societies.

While we have identified gaps in preparedness, we’re missing the resources needed to fill those gaps and maintain capacities to be prepared for the next pandemic threat. There is a strong economic case for sustained country-level investment to establish and maintain global health security capacity in support of the International Health Regulations (IHR) (2005) and other global health security frameworks, which are critical to help prevent and mitigate future infectious disease threats, as well as minimize risks to economies around the world.

Sustainable Financing for Preparedness Action Package at the 2020 GHSA Ministerial Meeting

The Sustainable Financing for Preparedness Action Package Working Group coordinated a 2020 GHSA Ministerial Meeting Side Event intended to engage health and finance partners, identify recommendations, and establish concrete next steps to ensure both sectors can continue to work together to improve pandemic preparedness before the next pandemic threat arrives. This video, presented during the 6th GHSA Ministerial Meeting hosted by Thailand, builds on a range of input from partners across the health and finance sectors, including information collected through a written consultation, a small group discussion, and the Ministerial Side Event.

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