what is an action package?

Action Package working groups are led by technical experts from GHSA member countries and partners who work collaboratively to develop and implement initiatives to implement the International Health Regulations (2005).

Action Package working groups consist of countries wishing to advance and/or members working to leverage efficiencies and expertise to assist countries in achieving GHSA targets.

As a part of the GHSA 2024 development process, the objectives and membership of the Action Packages were renewed. Under GHSA 2024, work will advance under seven Action Package working groups.

why join an action package?

All GHSA member countries can participate in one or more Action Packages and may choose to fulfill this commitment by building capacity at a national, regional, and/or global level.

what if i want a new action package?

Action Packages on any of the 19 technical areas under the Joint External Evaluation Framework may be proposed by GHSA members. New Action Packages are considered by the Steering Group.

Under the GHSA 2024 Framework, there is an annual request for expressions of interest for leadership roles and participation in the GHSA governance structure, including the Action Package working groups.

All countries are welcome and encouraged to lead or join any of the GHSA Action Packages. Progress in the implementation of GHSA commitments is reviewed regularly, and gaps and next steps are highlighted through the GHSA Steering Group Meetings and biennial GHSA Ministerial.

Countries interested in joining GHSA should contact the theĀ Chair (2021 Thailand thai.ghsacounit@gmail.com and CC the GHSA Secretariat at ghsa.secretariat@gmail.com).