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According to a study by the All-Russian Patients’ Union, 40% of beneficiaries encountered problems in obtaining the medications they were entitled to.

In 2023, patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) experience fewer problems with access to medical care and therapy than in 2022, but rates have not yet returned to 2021 levels.

According to the organization, 35.8% of beneficiaries did not receive the free medicines they were entitled to; in 2022 such respondents were 39%, and in 2021 – only 19%. Experts admit that sanctions restrictions have worsened the problem of supplying medicines, but say that “it could have been worse.”

This is what the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation told “The prescription and further free dispensing of medicines to preferential categories of citizens, including those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, is carried out within the framework of international non-proprietary names of medicines – that is, drugs that have the same the same active ingredient and dosage, but with different trade names and from different manufacturers. All regions have drugs purchased under the Federal project. In turn, if the patient has vital indications (intolerance to a particular drug), the attending physician can initiate a medical commission, with a positive decision of which a drug of a specific trade name can be prescribed, including for its subsequent free distribution.”

The press service of Roszdravnadzor added to “Recently, Roszdravnadzor has not received any complaints from patients with cardiovascular diseases about the lack of free medications. If citizens encounter such problems, then they need to contact the 24-hour hotline of Roszdravnadzor 8 800 550 99 03. Received requests are dealt with immediately, issues are resolved promptly.”


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