The Accountability and Results Task Force will develop and ensure the implementation of an Accountability and Results Framework that can be used to track the commitments, progress, and impact of GHSA efforts. The Framework will include high-level shared outcomes and GHSA outputs related to each Strategic Objective of the GHSA Roadmap. It will also identify specific indicators of progress toward GHSA goals which can be used to measure the success of GHSA activities and initiatives.

Primary Activities

  • Monitor the progress of the GHSA Steering Group, Action Package groups, and Task Forces in meeting their objectives;
  • Develop and track indicators of progress toward GHSA goals for the purposes of internally assessing the initiative’s impact;
  • Identify lessons learned and meaningful successes to disseminate across implementing country partners and regions;
  • Engage with external partner that have expressed an interest in objectively tracking GHSA 2024 related commitments and the impact of GHSA 2024 and other global health security efforts; and
  • Closely collaborate and share information with the WHO’s Strategic Partnership for International Health Regulations (2005) and Health Security.

Country Commitments

Lead: U.S

Member:  GHSAC