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The active summer season is already in full swing. Dig up a garden, take care of flowers, collect vegetables and fruits that have arrived, water the beds if it hasn’t rained for a long time – all this requires a lot of effort, which, without proper preparation, can have a bad effect on the general condition of the body. aif.ru told about how not to overstrain on the site and make summer work as healthy and comfortable as possible. orthopedic doctor of the first professional network of orthopedic salons Lev Dunaev.

Tip one – increase the load gradually

Even if your to-do list includes dozens of items – weeding, digging, cleaning, nailing, watering, and so on ad infinitum, try not to “rush into battle” right away. The body may react poorly to the increased load: by the end of the day, pain, heaviness in the muscles and fatigue will appear.

Start work gradually: after an hour or two of active work, take a break, have a snack with fruit, drink water to restore balance and relieve tension from the muscles.

Tip #2 – Pay attention to the warm-up

Any unusual activity in the garden, whether it’s long weeding beds or sawing tree branches, is a load on muscles that are not used to it. To prevent overexertion, muscle strain, do a light warm-up before starting work. Stretch, develop your joints, do exercises to warm up your wrists, knees and hips. A set of exercises can be found on the Internet or taken from an exercise therapy doctor in a clinic.

If you are in a static position for a long time, take breaks, stretch your legs and arms, do inclinations – such activity will restore blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues.

If you feel pain in the knee after a long load, use kinesio tapes to prevent pain: elastic tapes will protect the knee from stress, while providing the joint with the ability to move.

Tip #3: Avoid Carrying Heavy Items

Carrying heavy loads is a huge risk for the back muscles and wrist joints. A sharp jerk when lifting, an unsuccessful movement – and there is a sharp pain that can accompany you for several weeks. If you need to move heavy things, use accessories such as a wheelbarrow. Or carry things in parts – no more than 5-7 kg at a time, so as not to “shoot through” your back.

To prevent such conditions, you can use a bandage on the back and an orthosis on the wrist joints. They will fix the position of muscles, joints and bones in the correct position, which will prevent integrity violations and painful injuries.

Tip #4 – Choose quality clothes

A dacha is a place where old clothes are usually used. It is important that it is free and does not pinch the limbs. If you wear clothes that do not fit for a long time, this can lead to swelling, stagnation of blood, and in the future, problems with veins.

It is better if you put on clothes made of natural fabrics, which will not hinder movement and will allow you to do your country duties for your own pleasure.

It is important to pay attention to shoes. It is better to refuse shoes with flat soles: flip flops, sneakers and other similar options. Optimal shoes – with a closed toe so as not to hurt the toes, wide and a size larger than you wear – the foot after a long day at work can increase, which will cause discomfort and lead to a violation of the correct shape of the foot.

For walks in the country, you can choose shoes with orthopedic insoles of increased softness: after a hard day, they will create increased cushioning, which will help relieve stress and recover faster after active work.

Tip #5 – Avoid working in the middle of the day

To feel good, do not be in the open sun from 12.00 to 16.00. At this time, it is better to relax or do light activities in the shade. Drink more water to restore balance, and also pay attention to vitamin support – during active summer activities, a lot of water is wasted and enough micronutrients that are important for well-being are washed away. Do not neglect this advice if you want to feel great even at the end of the day.

Tip six – if there were injuries, pay attention to additional protection

It is impossible to imagine active work in the country without minor injuries and overloads. Unfortunately, without treatment, the spine could accumulate a sufficient amount of degenerative changes that can go into an acute stage when you hunch over the beds. It is recommended during work not to neglect external support in the form of a lumbar or even thoracolumbar corset, which will protect the spine. If you have a long way to the suburban area, it will help relieve the load from the spine and in transport.

Tip seven – prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart in the winter

The old proverb very correctly reflects the situation with the preparation for the summer season. In late autumn, when the main work on the garden is completed, the harvest is harvested and canned, you should not drastically reduce physical activity. Go in for sports at home or in the gym, walk, do exercises in the morning so that the body is prepared for spring labor activity. 15 minutes of exercise every morning will help improve your well-being. They will also prepare you in advance for the next summer season.

The summer season is a great time to strengthen muscles, get enough vitamin D, grow vegetables, berries and fruits for future seasons. But work in the garden must be approached with special care so that a torn back or pain in the wrist and legs does not become a reason for refusing to grow the largest pumpkin or cucumber among the neighbors.

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