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Long holidays are not only picnics and barbecues, this is an occasion to take care of your health. Tips for maintaining good health shared with aif.ru Lyubov Drozdova, Head of the Department of Polyclinic Therapy at the National Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Chief Freelance Specialist in Medical Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Russia:

The May holidays are the perfect time to relax, unwind and take care of your health. But to get the real benefits of rest, you need to pay attention to your sleep. How can you improve sleep patterns during the holidays?

Plan your daily routine during the holidays

We tend to stray from our normal daily routine. Therefore, it is important to think in advance how your day will go. Remember that a regular sleep schedule is very important for your health, so don’t go to bed too late or wake up too early, try to stick to your usual sleep routine.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can increase heart rate and decrease sleep quality. Therefore, it is worth limiting the consumption of coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks six hours before bedtime.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can also affect the quality of sleep. During the holidays, we often meet with friends and colleagues, and this can lead to drinking alcohol. But remember that this can cause insomnia or worsen the quality of sleep.

Create a cozy environment in the bedroom

A comfortable bed, the temperature of the air in the room, the absence of noise and any light sources – all this helps to create a comfortable environment that promotes healthy sleep. Therefore, pay attention to your bedroom and make sure it is suitable for quality sleep.

Avoid using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop before bed

The use of mobile devices can negatively affect both falling asleep and the quality of sleep. It is also undesirable to watch TV in bed.

go in for sports

Regular exercise improves the quality of sleep. Therefore, do not forget about exercises and walks in the fresh air. However, refrain from high-intensity physical activity before bed.

I hope that these tips will help you improve the quality of sleep and get a real rest during the May holidays.

Source: aif.ru

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