5 signs that may indicate the need for a consultation with a mastologist

Although women go more frequently to consultations with the gynecologisto breast cancer. But, how do I know if I need to consult a specialist in Mastology?

With the help of mastologist Gusttavo Zucca-Mathes, we have listed 5 signs that indicate this need. Check out!

  1. Family history of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a genetic disease and, therefore, it is important that women with family history of breast cancer consult a mastologist and clarify your chances of developing this hereditary genetic mutation. “Knowing that you have this genetic alteration, you have the option of taking preventive or prophylactic measures capable of avoiding problems in the future, such as changing lifestyle habits or even taking chemoprophylactic medications, which help to avoid changes in the breast that can develop into cancer. ”, says the professional. In this case, the specialist in Mastology can help, along with the support of a geneticist.

  1. Breast pain when squeezing

The so-called breast pain – or mastalgia – is one of the main complaints that lead patients to the mastologist’s office, as explained by Dr. Gustavo: “The truth is that the breasts are glands that are very susceptible to hormonal changes and these common changes can change the sensitivity of the region (causing local discomfort). In addition, other problems such as nodules or tumors also cause pain.” That’s why, whenever you feel a pain in the breast different, schedule an appointment with the mastologist to find out what it is and find out if treatment is necessary.

  1. Breast size increase

Breast enlargement can simply be caused by normal developmental changes. “The mother usually changes in size during adolescence, and may be growing until the age of 21”, says the professional. On the other hand, the doctor observes that the excessive increase can cause a lot of discomfort for the patient and even be considered a disease: “In this case, there is a need, yes, to seek a mastologist so that he can evaluate and find the best solution and diagnosis for each case”.

  1. Nodule in the mother

If you have discovered a lump in the breast, know that the mastologist is the most suitable professional for the follow-up and follow-up of this case. “Once the ultrasound has indicated these nodules, we will monitor them and, depending on their characteristics, eventually a biopsy will be performed to understand in more detail what is happening”, says Dr. Gustavo. The lump in the breast can be benign, a tumor without major damage or consequences, but there are also chances of causing discomfort, needing to be removed, or even being a lump with suspicious characteristics of cancer.

  1. breast secretion

Secretion in the breast is another warning sign that indicates a visit to the mastologist. “Most of the time, these secretions are nothing to worry about, especially if they are of different colors, such as green, yellow, brown, white, black… This usually has nothing to do with serious problems. On the other hand, if the secretion in the breast is spontaneous, light colored or hemorrhagic, then we need to better evaluate what is happening through complementary exams and even surgery”, recommends the doctor.

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