In 2015, Member States, partners and donors mandated WHO to establish a Strategic Partnership Portal (SPP) to monitor the health security capacity of countries by helping them identify needs, gaps and priorities in national, provincial and local health security; by mapping and sharing information on global health security investment and resources; and by creating a platform for collaborating on global health security. In 2018, the SPP expanded from a one-stop information platform to a mechanism for collaboration and partnership and became the Strategic Partnership for Health Security (SPH).

The goal of SPH is to ensure that Member States, partners and donors are aligned and apply coherent “One Health” approaches in supporting countries to build and strengthen country their capacities to detect, prevent and respond to public health emergencies. These capacities are enshrined in the IHR (2005) and require well-functioning national health systems.

Read more at the WHO Strategic Partnership for International Health Regulations (2005)
and Health Security (SPH)

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