“The Australian Government Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security administers the
Australian Government health security initiative, and supports change and innovation in
health security policy and practice in the Indo-Pacific region. The Centre is working with
country partners and other stakeholders, and investing in health systems research, product
development, workforce and laboratory capacity building, and disease surveillance.

To support planning, coordination, and monitoring and evaluation of investments to
strengthen health security in the Indo-Pacific region, this report provides an overview
of health security threats in the region, and the capacity of countries to prevent, detect
and respond to these threats. Evaluation of health security capacity is based largely on
preparedness for health emergencies, progress towards implementing the International
Health Regulations and progress towards strengthening veterinary services. This report
also considers the extent of cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary coordination.

This report is intended to provide an evidence base and reference for countries in the IndoPacific region, as well as partner countries and organisations taking action to strengthen health security regionally and globally. It is intended to inform the development of policies and programs, support cross-sectoral communication on health security, and maintain momentum for regional action to avoid and contain health security threats.”

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