Report from the Center for Global Development (CGD), November 2018

Amanda Glassman, Executive Vice President of CGD, CEO of CGD Europe, and Senior Fellow

Brin Datema, Associate, Executive Office and Programs

Amanda McClelland, Senior Vice President, Resolve to Save Lives

This week, global leaders gathered at the 5th Global Health Security Agenda Ministerial Meetings in Bali under the overarching theme of “advancing global partnerships” for greater health security. Alongside this event, the World Bank hosted a discussion on preparedness financing at the country level. The panel acknowledged that while countries have begun to pay more attention to pandemic preparedness, much work remains to increase domestic and donor support to national preparedness systems.

As the discussions wrap up in Bali and the World Bank heads to its IDA18 midterm review in Zambia next week, we share a few thoughts…”  

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