Overview of Recommendations and Gaps in Preparedness Financing

The recommendations and gaps overview documents seek to “support coordinated, catalytic approaches to financing for preparedness,” an objective prioritized by the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Sustainable Financing Preparedness Action Package Working Group (SFP AP WG). There are a diversity of global partners and sectors with interest and input on financing preparedness, many recommendations emerging in light of COVID-19, and a need to identify gaps and move forward on a common way in the near future.

The overview of recommendations related to sustainable financing for global health security have been published in the past year or so by various entities across sectors and aims to inform ongoing discussions of paths forward for advancing global health security, combat emerging pandemic threats, and mitigate associated economic risks.

The list of gaps identifies examples of shortfalls or recently prioritized areas related to preparedness financing that multiple recent reports and recommendations have identified and aim to address.